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About Trioxin245

We make the games that others are afraid to make.
We Create Virtual Reality Games

At Trioxin245, we are dedicated to creating high quality games with professionals from around the world. We put our heart and soul into making games that friends and families can share and enjoy together, whether it's on iOS or Android, you'll always find the best games being made by our company.

  • Quality

    We won't release a game unfinished

  • Control

    Every game feels like an extension of yourself

  • Gameplay

    Gameplay is very important to us and we never put out something we wouldn't play ourselves

  • Creative

    We work hard at creating the most diverse games on the app store

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Released Games

We strive to make the most inventive and surreal gaming experience known to man!
Solar Realms Rising VR
Put on your VR headset and trek through deep space in a virtual reality sci-fi adventure to get back home. Warp through hyper space, blast asteroids with your plasma cannons, and repair a jump gate in this hands-free VR experience.
Renegades of Mars VR
As the main gunner your job is to defend the Mars base from hoards of incoming enemy. Your base is equipped with two support cannons that you must manage by repairing and upgrading with salvage collected from your foes.
Pumpkin Smash
Halloween is near and a pesky ghost is dropping pumpkin bombs to ruin the holiday. Your job is to stop the pumpkin bombs at all costs and save Halloween.
Jingle Bell Bombs
It’s Christmas time and evil Jack Frost is here to ruin the holiday by dropping ornaments stuffed with bombs. Stop him with Santa’s magical bag of goodies and save Christmas.
Crazy Quadcopter
You have been hired by the Nozama e-commerce monopoly to deliver packages to their preferred customers using their new Quadcopter Delivery Service. Navigate your drone through spinning saws, flying fish, cannons, and a host of other hazards.
Air Hockey VR
Finally an Air Hockey game in VR is here! Play fast paced air hockey while you immerse yourself in the comfort of a modern apartment overlooking the mountain side. Features: choose from 3 difficulty levels, customize your paddle color, puck, table top, and more.
Spirit Board VR
Finally a Ouija board VR game for Google Cardboard! Enter the paranormal world and conduct a séance in virtual reality! Summon spirits and find out who they are and what they want. Ask questions by staring at the list of choices. See the responses on the spirit board via the planchette.
Pro Pinball VR
Pinball Pro VR features a free to play 360 degree pinball game for your Google Cardboard or compatible virtual reality headset. With realistic physics in a virtual reality world, this game offers the most immersive VR pinball arcade game play for mobile.

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